16 04, 2014

An Inexpensive Light to Photograph Titai the Maasai Mother

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I arrived in Kimana, Kenya without any lights and had to improvise to be able to shoot video and photos in their homes.  Watch this video to see the cheap and easy solution I found for this photo and for the videos I created to tell their stories.

24 03, 2014

A Gateway To Slavery: Human Trafficking From Nepal To India

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I had the eye-opening experience of visiting Birgunj, Nepal to learn about the work Operation Blessing is doing to combat human trafficking in partnership with the Nepali Rescue Project.  The open border between Nepal and India allows citizens of both countries to freely cross the borders without a passport to live and work in either country.  This has a lot of great benefits, but the freedom has a cost.  It has created one of the busiest slave trafficking routes in the world.  Watch the video to learn more about the problem and the ways that Operation Blessing and Nepali Rescue project are partnering to help stop trafficking in Nepal.

14 03, 2014

Poverty Through A Child’s Eyes

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I had the privilege of following 8-year-old Johnny around his village to capture what he found interesting.  Poverty is immediately evident when you arrive arrive in Medan Belize, Haiti – but it looks different through a child’s eyes.  I saw hardship and awful living conditions but Johnny saw his family, his home, and a goal for his future.  It is exciting to see the work that Operation Blessing is doing in the community and the hope that they are bringing to the children through education.   Education is opening their eyes to life beyond poverty and dreams that are bigger than their current situation.

2 03, 2014

Shooting The Reef In Roatan, Honduras At Sunrise

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On my last day in Roatan, Honduras I woke up early to capture HDR images of the beach outside my hotel at sunrise. The sun was rising behind me, but the color of the light was still seen on the clouds in the sky on my side of the island. It was the only morning I had available because every other day we were up early to travel to the island of St. Helene. In order to capture the beautiful sky and still expose the rock/reef peninsula I was shooting, I had to shoot multiple exposures to combine as an HDR image using Photomatix. Because I was shooting raw I could have pushed the shadows in Adobe Lightroom, but I also wanted the drama that the HDR image would bring to the seen. This video shows how I captured them and used a graduated ND filter to retain detail in the images.

Sunrise Roatan, Honduras Reef In HDR

Sunrise Roatan, Honduras Reef, Beach and Palm Trees In HDR

Sunrise Roatan, Honduras Boats and Dock In HDR

Sunrise Roatan, Honduras Reef and Beach In HDR

Sunrise Roatan, Honduras Reef with Boat In HDR



27 02, 2014

Roatan Reef From the Sky

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Overlooking the reef in the West Bay of Roatan. The water is clear and the reefs are incredible which attracts many snorkelers and divers. I only had 30 minutes of daylight left, so it was a short, but beautiful swim to the end of this peninsula.

This morning I returned before our flight out to get some footage and pictures with a DJI Phantom and GoPro. It has been a great trip and so much more is in the works to bless the people on the island of Helene.


26 02, 2014

Postcard From Honduras

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The past few days my main transportation has been by boat. While traveling today I saw this scene of Little Pigeon Key and thought it looked like a postcard. I quickly grabbed my camera from my bag and created a few frames.

I also enjoyed my first deep sea fishing adventure and met some fascinating people. Tomorrow I return home, so I wanted to send this postcard before I left.

Below is a shot of the first barracuda I’ve ever had the pleasure of reeling in. (Yes, I captured it on video with Google Glass – wonderful memory made.)



Helene is full of pirate history. We were also shown these two pirate canons and anchor.


A typical home on stilts in Helene.


26 02, 2014

Water Flows For The First Time At Edwin’s Home.

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11year old Edwin is excited about the water that now flows from a new water tap at his home. Like other women and children on Saint Helena (Santa Elena), he used to walk to get water when it was available. One of the main sources of their water was rain, but that wasn’t always available. Now, thanks to Operation Blessing International, every family on the island has water readily available at their homes.

In celebration of this new system that pipes water to each home, the First Lady Of Honduras paid a visit to the island for the inauguration – marking the first time a President or his wife have visited Saint Helena and the people’s excitement was visible and audible.












24 02, 2014

Traveling Image: Santa Elena, Honduras

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The sun is setting here on the beautiful island of Santa Elena (Island of Helene), Honduras. Even more beautiful is that all the families in all 6 barrios now have easy access to water at their homes.


I’m covering an amazing story that came together because Operation Blessing International’s President, Bill Horan, asked questions and listened to the needs of locals during his last trip to our Honduras office. Today we arrived and briefly inspected the system that is being inaugurated tomorrow.

I’m writing this from my phone on the boat, so I’ll keep it short. More to come.





17 02, 2014

The Decision To Travel With Mirrorless Cameras

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Going completely mirrorless for my photo & video work has not been an easy decision, but for my personally work I have been mirrorless for a year now.  Next week I am going to be going mirrorless on my first work trip.  Previously I’ve carried a Canon 5D Mark III as my primary camera and either my Sony NEX 5-N or Fuji X-Pro 1 as my backup camera.  Last week I tore a muscle in my neck and was told not to carry a lot of weight on my neck or shoulders.  I’ve decided to leave the Canon behind so I can work lighter.  This trip will really let me see if these cameras are a feasible solution.  Having a newer model of either of these camera systems would make it easier for me because they have microphone inputs, but honestly I only need great audio for interviews and can get that with a lav hooked up to an audio recorder.  I carry the audio recorder with me regardless, so I’m not adding any new gear to my workflow.

I can’t wait to see how mobile this will make me and the new possibilities and creativity that will develop as a result.

14 02, 2014

These Giraffes & I Wish You A Happy Valentine’s Day

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Two Giraffes Making a Heart

This is a photo that I probably couldn’t capture again if I tried – it happened naturally. We spotted several giraffes along the road on our way to the village of Kimana, Kenya. After taking a few photos, we moved in closer and they ran away and stopped along the path to look back at us. I captured this with a long lens, and while it’s not a perfect shot, the heart made by their their outline made it worth sharing. Happy Valentine’s Day!