15 07, 2014

DJI Phantom flight over Belén in Iquitos, Peru

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It was a bit of a nerve-racking experience to fly the DJI phantom over the “water streets” of Belen in Iquitos, Peru. There is no dry ground to take off or land the quadcopter, so we launched it from a boat. To make it more difficult, there are power lines everywhere that had to be avoided and because the rainy season just ended, the region is flooded. This means that there is little room between the power lines and the ground to work with. Nerves aside, everything went very well. The footage is being used in a story about work that Operation Blessing is doing in the region. This video was sent from the GoPro to my iPhone and quickly edited using the iMovie app.

18 06, 2014

Innovative PackH20 Backpacks Make It Easier To Carry Water

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30 05, 2014

My Favorite iPhone Photo Processing Techniques

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I have been shooting photography with my iPhone since the original came out.  At one point in time I considered it an art of its own, but now incorporate it into all of my work – from photos to videos.  The quality is very good and the ability to edit and share photos on the fly is amazing.  I even process some of my photos from other cameras on my iPhone because I really like the tools available.  My “go to” app is Snapseed because it is very powerful.  I don’t use it for every image, but it is usually where I start.  Watch the video to see why.

24 05, 2014

Free Lightroom 5 Preset: Vintage Reds

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TCece_Vintage_Red_Effect_PolaroidAfter reviewing stats to my site and seeing that many of you are drawn by my Lightroom Presets, I’ve decided to start adding more of the presets I’ve created for sets of my photos.  I went back into some of my recent trips and found the Vintage Reds presets I created for my Kenya Maasai photos.  You can see the dramatic before and after in the image above.  I hope you enjoy this preset! Let me know how you like it and use it in the comments below.  Happy shooting and editing.

Download TCece_Vintage_Reds LR5 Preset



23 05, 2014

Interview with Peruvian Photographer Mario Borda

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When in the Peruvian Amazon jungle, the most feared creature should be the Mario Borda. He may try to charm you with his big smile, good looks, and quick whit, but be warned…he is dangerously good with a camera – a sharp shooter that always hits the target. I was able to capture this wild beast and sit him down for a short interview to see how he thrives in his environment.

See some of his work on Instagram and be sure to follow him on Twitter.

8 05, 2014

Peru Update: Pack H2O and shoes for families in the Peruvian highlands

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5 05, 2014

Update from Isca Pataza & the Uros Islands in Puno, Peru

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Today we traveled to two very interesting places – Isca Pataza and the Uros Islands. The highlands of Peru are one of the most beautiful places I’ve visited and are very memorable because of the interesting cultures that inhabit them. Watch the video to see two completely different and unique places. One group lives near Lake Titicaca and the other on it.

Below are a few iPhone photos from the day:












3 05, 2014

Puno, Peru non-update with help from Leandro’s Ukulele

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I am a musician and have played guitar on and off for 20 years, so I appreciate new music I hear everywhere I go. From the Maasai song and dance, to Nepali street musicians, to Leandro playing his ukulele in front of Lake Titicaca in Puno, Peru. I stopped and listened to Leandro for a moment, was intrigued and almost walked away. I turned back and asked if he minded if I took his picture – he said yes but also asked me to record a video of him playing….which I was more than happy to do. So without further ado, here is Leandro.

Here are a few iPhone photos from the day.






3 05, 2014

Amazon Update 5 – Fighting Sexual Abuse of Children

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I edited this on the plane yesterday, uploaded last night at my hotel. I wasn’t going to share it because it was a rushed day, I didn’t have extra time on the ground like I did in the other days when they were spontaneous in free moments -usually traveling. I had a change of mind am decided there are a couple parts in it worth sharing even if it doesn’t all tie together in a perfect package with a bow wrapped around it.

The Operation Blessing program that took place yesterday is significant – teaching school children about sexual abuse, how to identify when someone may abuse them, and who to alert if someone has or is attempting to sexually abuse them.







2 05, 2014

Amazon Update 4: A New Home and PackH2O Backpacks

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It was another awesome day here in the Peruvian Amazon! What started out as iPhone videos to send back to my boys has turned into a video journal of sorts. Today’s video is quite a bit longer because I was long winded, didn’t think about how it would all tie together and there is only so much editing you can do on an iPhone. The plus side is that there are several fun and interesting moments throughout – if you can make it to the end.

We visited Canta Gallo which is only accessible by a 2 hour boat ride at this time of year. The rainy season has just ended and the region is still flooded. For 6 months of the year the community can be accessed by road from Iquitos and the other 6 it is flooded. This is way things are, the people are accustomed to it and have adapted because of their reliance on the Amazon River as their source of water.

Operation Blessing came to Canta Gallo earlier this year to deliver Lifestraw Family filters that will make the Amazon water safe to drink. While delivering the filters they noticed one family whose living conditions were extremely harsh. When I came with the team, the family was told that the house being built right next to their old home was for them. Watch the video to learn more.

The community also told the OB Peru team that they carry heavy buckets of water on their heads over an hour to work on their farms. Some chose not to carry the water and would drink from the nearby river which defeats the purpose of drinking safe water at home, so we brought PackH2O water backpacks. These backpacks are much better for their neck and spine and reduce the burden of carrying water long distances.

It is really great to see the impact our teams are having in Peru.